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Permanent Makeup FAQ


What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also called permanent cosmetics, semi permanent makeup, microblading, 3D eyebrows, embroidery eyebrows, feather eyebrows, powder eyebrows, hairstroke tattooing, is a method of implanting pigment into the skin the create a more full, symmetrical, and balanced shape in the eyebrows.


What is the difference between permanent makeup and semi permanent makeup?

NOTHING!!! Semi permanent makeup is a mostly referred when talking about Microblading. While microblading does tend to only go into the uppermost layers of the skin (making it slightly less permanent than other methods), it is important to remember that whenever you implant pigment into the skin (no matter the layer) it is a permanent procedure and should be treated as so.

Does is hurt?

Slightly. The amount of pain that a client experiences varies from client to client. Most permanent makeup techs try their hardest to keep the pain level to a minimum during all procedures. Numbing solutions containing Lidocaine (numbs surface tissue), Tetracaine (numbs deeper tissue)


How long does it last?

Pigment retention depends on many factors:

-The first being the client’s skin. Oily skin tends to lose pigment at a much quicker rate than normal to dry skin. Oily skin means larger pores and a more uneven skin texture which plays a big role in how well the pigment can be implanted.

-The second is the tech performing the procedure. Every client is different when it comes to how deep the pigment needs to be implanted. Finding this space within the skin is very important. If the pigment is implanted too shallow, it will disappear to quickly with the skin’s natural exfoliation process. If the pigment is implanted too deep, it can cause over saturation and can cause hairstrokes to become too dark or even turn gray.

-The third factor is the client’s after care. It very important to keep the skin clean. If there is any blood or lymph present after the procedure, the client needs to make sure that it is patted off the brow. Preventing infection is the number one concern. The area must be washed with a mild soap then ointment must be applied with clean hands and/or q-tips. The next concern is keeping the area moist with an approved ointment without over saturating the area. A thin coat of ointment should be applied at least 2-3 times a day to keep the area from drying out.


Typically, micropigmentation lasts as follows:

Microblading: 18months- 2 years before a color boost is necessary

Digital hairstrokes: 2 years before a color boost is necessary

Powder brow: 2-4 years before a color boost is necessary

Combo brow: 2-3 years before a color boost is necessary


Do you shave my eyebrows?


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